About Us

An initiative by the youth and for the youth aimed at providing real solutions to support them in bringing out their talents and skills, through various platforms. The Latent Atoms founded in 2017, are so excited when it comes to people following their passion so we target to bring out the best in people, with a strong belief, planted deep within us, that every talent is worth millions, if nurtured well.

Our Vision

We at TheLatentAtoms are a group of talented people who are Visionary as well when it comes to Art, Skills and Creativity. We want that every hidden talent should get the opportunity so as to create their own unique identity.
So we provide you a platform at every step possible to help you showcase your creativity and talent to the world.
We value your skills and would love to see you exploring beyond the limits.
Because Sky is the limit

Our Team

Aadhar Chandiwale

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Arsalan Naushad

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Anubhav Bharti

Head of Market Analysis

Dhanush Karunakaran

Head of Media and Creatives

Lavneet Singh Khanuja

Head of Events & Planning